Common screen sizes Confused by the growing, bewildering, array of screen size acronyms? Here’s a table of the common sizes. Do you have a QXUGVA screen? Or perhaps a UWXAG size?  It’s all nonsense (well those examples are nonsense), but did you know that a screen size of WSXGA+ is one of the most common screen sizes now? Does it mean anything to you? Of course not, it’s just more pointless computer jargon designed to confuse. Those who invented this stuff, even those that use this jargon should be ashamed of themselves. One of the reasons computers seem so confusing to the majority of the population is our absurd use of jargon and acronyms, and this is one of the worst cases. What’s wrong with just stating the pixel sizes? WSXGA+ (which stands for, get this,....Wide Super eXtended Graphics Array Plus) means nothing to 99% of the population. I guess even most geeks will not know, in plain English, this is simply a screen size of 1680 x 1050 pixels.  People understand the concept of pixels for screen sizes. It’s as simple as ‘more is better’. The more pixels I have the better. It started with VGA screens (640 x 480), but soon got out of control, and now is the time to stop this silliness.  Anyway to help you make sense of the techno-gibberish here is an illustration of the common sizes, along with their silly-names and pixel sizes. 640 x 480 VGA 480 600 768 1024 1050 1080 1200 1600 Mouseover me Created by Xara Web Designer      © Charles Moir
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